Pseudotropheus saulosi



Pseudotropheus saulosi is a dwarf-mbuna of Lake Malawi. This species was discovered by Ad Konings in 1989 while he explored along a ‘Taiwan’ reef. It was discovered by accident as Konings was scuba diving and holding onto the reef at 7 meters. Ad named it after one of the local guides who helped him discover it – Saulos Mwale.

"During the last decade several collectors of ornamental fish have concentrated on catching large numbers of P. saulosi and as a result the species is becoming scarce. When I visited the reef in August 2010 there were only a few specimens to be seen. The large boulders you see in the video clip below used to be covered with hundreds of P. saulosi but in 2010 there were only three individuals on this rock and many boulders had none at all." - Ad Konings